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Windows 8 Transformation Pack 1 0

pelicula Windows 8 Transformation Pack 1 0

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Programas Windows 8 Transformation Pack 1 0

Datos Técnicos
Windows 8 Transformation Pack v1.0
Theme Pack | EXE | Free | 53 MB | Windows XP/Vista/7
Windows 8 Transformation Pack transformará tu interfaz de usuario de Windows a Windows 8, incluida la pantalla de arranque de Windows 8, pantalla de login, temas, fondos, iconos, sonidos, Metro UI (Newgen), Aero Auto-Coloración, UserTile barra de tareas y mucho más.

Cambios Recientes
Completely Reworked Windows XP UI
I spent a great amount of time rebuilding Windows XP visual style to fit in XP fashion with Windows 8/Aero Lite/Metro altogether. It’s my masterpiece and probably be the last theme I’ll ever make for Windows XP. I named it “Metro Inspirat”. Most UI elements are updated to Metro ones with Windows 8 Aero Lite resources. It’s simple and yet elegant that can make old XP meets today’s standards without help of Aero. I also rebuild themes for ViStart and TrueTransparency too. They look a lot better than before.

Windows 8 features
As name suggested Windows 8 Transformation Pack now comes with Windows 8 new features such as Metro Desktop, Auto colorization and User Tile on taskbar. I also configured program to set user tile image matching to current user picture and optimize default tiles in Metro desktop for 1024×768 resolution. These features require .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed so if you’re using Windows XP, make sure you have it installed first.

One click does it all
Say goodbye to lenghy dialogs of information and configuration. After years of long development since Longhorn Transformation Pack. I finally came to realization of what really matters with user interactions. All you need to do is simply running the program and choose features you want and install in one dialog. If you want to change something back later, you can just run the same program again and change anything you want without trouble. Welcome Center is no longer needed with this method.

Amazing performance and flexibility for features customization
Back then people need to wait for 10-30 minutes to complete whole installation and having hard time customizing features later. Now we solve them all with simpler ways to use it. You can choose to enable or disable system files transformation at anytime you want. Program will keep resources and backup files ready to switch back and forth. Whole process can be done from 2 to 5 minutes at most. It’s superb faster and more reliable with UAC friendly optimized so no more problems with system files and uninstall.

Actually, there’re lots more to brag from backend side but it doesn’t matter. As long as you guys can enjoy this at ease, that should be OK. I guess I finally can lay down for a while enjoying my birthday today and then I can start thinking about what to do with Lion Transformation Pack later after this. It should be easier and faster after finishing this ones so I hope I can release it soon.


I’ve just upload a new build that have fixed the following issues.

1. System files transformation failure in non-English OS (hexpatcher dialog stuff and improper/none changes in system resources)
2. Errors related to sound files in WindowsMedia for Windows Vista (Though it worked fine in testing Vista Home Premium x86/x64 but I’ve refined for better method)

If you don’t have any problems with stated fixes, you don’t need to reinstall it. But regardless of your result, I suggest to keep this updated build in hand just in case.